Better With Coffee — Merch

Better with coffee white background

Creating merch is always an exciting project. After a few sketches I decided I wanted to go with a typographic approach. The initial sketches were similar in shape to what ended up as the final design.

I wanted the final design to have a fair amount of symmetry. The words lended well to this design and the leaves give the design a dynamic feel.

It’s always great to work on a project that you can actually hold in your hands. This one certainly did not disappoint.

Better with Coffee mug with espro bloom at Prima Coffee

My initial design was far simpler, and it gave the shape that I wanted, but since it was going to be a gold decal I wanted it to be a little ornate and have a little less weight.

I knew that I wanted something where I placed the lines but it felt kinda like a flag. I wanted it to be an element that connected the design to the mug more accurately.

Better with coffee first draft
Better with coffee final design

Using coffee leaves as a reference I changed the three bars into branches with coffee leaves. I wanted the merch to represent what you would use it for.

The gold in the decal fits well with the quality of Ancap porcelain which is manufactured in Italy.

Snag one here!

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