Prima Edge — Illustration

Free Shipping Illustration

Free Shipping

I wanted to avoid the typical delivery truck with the free shipping illustration and I played around with a few options with varying levels of detail. I landed on this concept because it was a little more dynamic than some of the other options.

Price Match

The Prima Coffee logo was placed on the boxers belt indicating Prima as the winner when it comes to price matching. This illustration style lended well to my inability at the time to draw hands… they’re hard ok.

Price Match Illustration
No Hassle Returns Illustration

No-Hassle Returns

The only thing more frustrating than not being able to return a product that didn’t live up to expectations is a convoluted process trying to return an item. This illustration represents the simple process of returns with Prima Coffee. Creating this illustration was a unique challenge, originally it was a little bare compared to the others. Adding elements such as the tape coming up from the box and the tattoo helped make it a bit more interesting.

Quick Shipping

This is more of an infographic that gives actual information on shipping times across the US. Taking from a map from UPS I was able to accurately represent shipping times.

Quick Shipping Infographic
Customer Service Illustration

Customer Service

One of Prima Coffee’s strongest assets is their expert customer service. I wanted to show both sides of the customer service experience. So I showed the customer on one end, and the customer service rep on the other.

Free Shipping Sketch
Here’s an early sketch for the free shipping illustration
Price Match Sketch
Another early sketch. I’m glad that I didn’t go with the computer screen faces, pretty creepy.
Customer Service Sketch
I thought that faces would help make the illustrations more personal. However, I wasn’t able to get the level of detail for the faces in a way that matched the style of the rest of the illustration.

See the illustrations in action here! And find some more work for Prima here.