Prima Coffee — Web Design

In 2020 I helped redesign and rebuild Prima Coffee’s website. We started from scratch on a new platform and did all the design and styling in house.
Prima Coffee Homepage Header

By far my biggest project of 2020 was the web design of the new Prima Coffee website. Along with 3 other Prima brand websites we moved to a new platform. This process was a learning experience where I took some general knowledge of HTML and CSS and dug deeper into creating and editing HTML templates, styling with CSS and SCSS, utilizing javascript to make typical web interactions more… interactive, and so much more. I learned more about web design from this project than just about any other.

Prima Coffee Homepage Mobile
Prima Coffee Blog and Learning Center

The Prima Coffee learning center and blog is a core piece of the Prima Coffee web design. Through hundreds of articles and videos Prima provides product reviews, overviews, and education that allow their users to learn about coffee and gear for free. We wanted to provide simple navigation that helps users find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Prima Coffee Product Page

The product pages got a major overhaul that began before the switch to a new platform. Well designed product pages are hugely important in e-commerce and so we spent time thinking, planning, and designing these pages.

All featured product pages were designed individually with a fresh photo set and newly written content.

Product Page

There were a few goals when designing these pages. We wanted to provide enough information to allow the user to make an informed decision. We also wanted to provide essential information clearly so that the user didn’t have to read through every sentence of the page to get a good understanding of the product. Lastly we wanted to highlight the videos and photos taken in the Prima studio that do such an excellent job of showing off what these products do.

The icons on this page give some visual representation to the unique features of each product.

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