Vector Art — Illustrations

stereo system
This illustration is based off of some furniture that I hope to build one day.
Dream House
This illustration is sort of a concept of several elements I’d love to see in a dream home one day. I love modern architecture and using simple materials like wood, concrete and glass always appeal to me.
space house illustration
This house on the other hand is a little more science fiction inspired. The section on the left is the same shape as the main section on the right but smaller and turned on its side.
fly on the nose
This illustration was sort of an exploration of color, light and facial expression. I employed some elements I’ve used in other Illustrations as well as some new ones. I find this one kinda funny.
Flower Pot
Experimentation with different illustration styles using thin strokes and pretty heavy contrast for shadows. There was also an animated version as well but I didn’t think it looked as good as the illustration on its own.
3D illustration
I saw something similar on instagram and I wanted to recreate it. Check out the original by Bastien Figuié. I really enjoyed using light and shadow to give this the appearance of three dimensions.
The Purple Planet
For a while I would do a make a similar illustration of planets and comets etc every few days or so. This is one of the only ones I still have the original files for.
Mamiya C330 Color
The first of two illustrations I made of one of my favorite cameras. The reflection in the lens is a much smaller and simpler illustration of a photo I took using this camera. For a long time film photography was my major creative outlet, vector are is quite the opposite but the two don’t need to be disparate.
Mamiya C330 Lines
This is the second of two illustrations of my Mamiya C330. A simpler line illustration using only one color and black. I used the thickness of the lines to create shadow and depth.

Check out another illustration project I did here.